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Every woman will always deal with menstrual crumps at the end him period. They come with some lower abdominal pain and some feelings of sicknesses as the muscles contracts. To maintain good hygiene of the birth canal women have been using the menstrual pads to prevent bad smell. This may be very disgusting if one fails to use and the onset comes when in the public. One should know the system of how the period comes so that she may take the necessary precautions. The first thing is to get items that will give comfort during menstrual cycle. One of them is the reusable menstrual cup. This is a cup that is bell shaped that will serve to protect the period. It is usually worn inside the birth canal. It is the alternative to sanitary pads and tampons. The cup does not absorb the menstrual fluids, it will prevent the leaking. It will thereby store the fluids until the time when one feels ready to remove the cup. A lot of users say that diva cups are even more superior.


The most common one is the reusable menstrual cup of the washable menstrual cup. This is the new invention that has very many advantages compared to the sanitary napkin and tampons. First they will be good for those people who have active lifestyle and have no time of changing sanitary pads every now and then. For example those are in sports like marathons will basically use this. You can learn more about this at


The reusable menstrual cup are made from latex and not allergic silicone. They are very good and will not cause allergy to the sensitive reproductive organ skin. These reusable cups are also long lasting. They will have a life of up to 15 years if well taken care of. This will prevent constant replacement or buying of new ones. They will barely change in size and the elasticity of the birth canal will not affect them. These cups are various capacities depending on the flow one has. But basically these capacities nobody can fill even they stay for all day long. These cups are simply rinsed and washed and then one will gently reinsert the cup again for use. They are very ccomfortable even for people when they are sleeping. Thee reusable cups for hygienic purposes it is good that you boil them in water after use. Also the reusable menstrual cups since they are sensitive they are produced by same manufacturers.  They are also environmentally friendly as they are not disposable anyhow. Get the reusable cups and be well served during your periods. Wondering how to use a menstrual cup? Watch this video: